Are You or Aren’t You?

There really are only two kinds of people in this world: Those who love Ridgebacks – and everybody else.

When you fall in love with a breed of dog, it’s impossible to sum up in words exactly what the attraction is, anymore than you can pinpoint what it was that made you fall in love with your wife, or exactly what it is about your best friend that makes her earn that adjective. It’s a combination of physical presence, personality, character and someother indefinable quality, some spark.

I don’t remember when the Rhodesian Ridgeback first entered my consciousness as a breed, but I do remember the day I first met one.

It was high summer in a parking lot in Montauk, on the eastern tip of Long Island –DzThe End,dz as the locals like to call it; head east and the next land mass you hit is Portugal. He was sitting in the shade of his owner’s hot-dog truck. I think his name was Monty. He was the oversized, black-masked, red-wheaten Ridgeback cliché every novice owner wants. I know now that he wasn’t terribly well bred. Continue Reading

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