What breeds lurk in the Ridgeback’s genes? Now, scientists can tell us.
April 28 2017

  If you're a Ridgeback history junkie, prepare to become very, very excited.   Some breeds have the luxury of being founded by compulsive individuals with a knack for documentation.…continue reading

The eagle has landed … right on your Ridgeback!
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March 2 2017

If you've been around Ridgebacks a while, you've doubtless heard the argument about whether the breed is a Sighthound or not.   Richard and Debbie van Aken think the answer…continue reading

What will your Ridgeback be for Halloween?
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October 20 2016

  Halloween is coming, and with it two near certainties:   One, your Ridgeback is going to bark his head off with every ding (or dong) of the doorbell. (Unless…continue reading

Who needs a ridge, anyway?
October 5 2016

Not surprisingly, Ridgeback breed culture has always revolved around the ridge.  Ever since the breed's name was changed from African Lion Dog to Rhodesian Ridgeback, the message was clear: This…continue reading

Horsing Around with Ridgebacks
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September 9 2016

  Many years ago, at a dog show in Virginia, I treated myself to a gold pendant of a gaiting Ridgeback. I am fussy about the depictions of the breed…continue reading

Hope for Devastating Form of Epilepsy in Young Ridgebacks
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July 28 2016

I know last week I promised you another update on the 2016 Rhodesian Ridgeback World Congress – and pinky-promise, that's coming – but today I want to share a group page that's…continue reading

The Mysteries of the Ridge, Revealed!
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July 28 2016

In late June, more than 200 Rhodesian Ridgeback fanciers from across the planet convened in Lund, Sweden, for the 2016 Rhodesian Ridgeback World Congress. Held every four years, the World…continue reading

We Are the World: The Congress is Coming!
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June 9 2016

  The Rhodesian RidgebackWorld Congress is sort of like the Olympics for our breed: Every four years, Ridgebackers from across the world gather for a conference that includes two days…continue reading

The Love That Dares Not Speak (or Is That Purr?) Its Name …
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May 30 2016

Ridgebacks and big cats are supposed to be natural enemies. But there are a handful of Ridgebacks who have gone against type to become the dedicated companions of ... cheetahs.…continue reading

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