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Your Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppy

BOOK Main Isue

When my wife and I first encountered the Rhodesian Ridgeback, we knew it was the dog for us. I consider myself an experienced dog owner, yet every other page of the book had me thinking to myself, ‘I didn’t know that.’ If you are looking to purchase a Ridgeback, this book is a must-have. It will serve as a reference for years to come.

Great book and beautiful pictures! It is definitely a must-have for new Rhodesian Ridgeback owners, as it is very specific to the breed. A lot of information packed into chapters that are fun to read, as Denise has a very warm and entertaining ‘voice.’

If you are getting a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy, you need this book. You may think you know everything there is to know about raising puppies. You could have raised hundreds of them. But every time you step into a new breed, you should always review the breed specific information. This book is the perfect companion for just that. … Worth every penny and then some.

We have been lucky enough to have Ridgebacks in our lives since 1999, and it was both entertaining and enlightening to hear Denise’s voice bring this wonderful breed to life. She understands their quirks, antics, serious sides and lovableness, plus thoroughly covers dos and do nots. This is a book that I have underlined and will continue to refer to for years to come. My only regret is that we did not have this book when we brought that first Ridgeback puppy home.

This truly is the ultimate guide to Ridgeback puppies! Great in-depth information about this wonderful breed in an easily digestible form. It’s a fun read and is able to be incorporated into your life immediately. The stunning pictures bring all the information to life. I highly recommend it for anyone who owns a Ridgeback or is thinking about getting one.

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How The Rhodesian Ridgeback Got Its Ridge

Beautifully illustrated with a delightful story that any Ridgeback owner will read and nod with laughter and understanding. We love our ridgebacks and adore this book!

A must-have children’s books for Rhodesian Ridgeback lovers.

Bought two for the grandkids. Love it!

Being a Ridgeback owner and lover, I had to buy this book although my children are grown. It is beautifully written and illustrated. Happily gave it to a friend, so I intend to buy another for myself!

Very touching.

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100 Memorable Moments

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A must have for Rhodesian Ridgeback lovers – for the anecdotes, the beautiful pictures, the captivating stories, the ‘oh, I recognize that,’ and for all the small stuff still to learn. A book for your coffee table, to pick up again and again – so perhaps one day we might unveil the Ridgeback mystery.

What a fun and informative book on this amazing breed. The stories, facts and pictures make this worth owning.

So many photos and stories of the fabled dogs and people of Rhodesian Ridgeback history! I read it straight through, and have already started my first of what will no doubt be many re-reads. If you’re not already a Ridgeback fan, you will be after this book.

Covering a great range of interest topics with fascinating historical photographs throughout.

This was so informative and entertaining. A must-have for any Ridgeback enthusiast. Lots of history and great pictures.

Loved the pictures and information in this book. This had some history on the breed that I had not read before. Would recommend to anyone that has or has had the Ridgeback.

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BOOK Ridgebook

Breathing taking! Amazing pictures! Steve is the animal whisperer … and he captures them in photographs in completely amazing ways!

We didn’t just thumb through it. We spent time on each page, digesting the beauty of every photographic work of art and the magnificent subject matter. This is not just photography — it is art.

Steve, your passion for the breed shows in your photography. Your skill as an artist is reflected in all of your work. And, yes, you’re right, the greatest breed on the planet.

Wonderful photographs from across the country. This is a work of art that any Ridgeback lover must have.

It’s a beautiful book. Steve has done a great job capturing the diversity of the breed.

A wonderful book with stunning pictures of Ridgebacks. I cannot wait for Volume 2!

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